Don’t feel like carrying your Christmas tree? Or have a brand new car? We offer delivery and set up service starting at $40!

All public places like hotels, restaurants, banks, office buildings are required to have their Christmas tree treated with a fire retardant chemical. We are licensed by the California Fire Marshal to apply it and we can supply the appropriate tag that has to be attached to the tree. The cost is only $5 per foot. Once applied, it takes a few hours to dry.

Who says it doesn’t snow in Los Angeles? Come to see our snowy trees! We can flock light, medium, heavy or on tips only… The cost is only $6 per foot for trees up to 8 ft tall and $7 per foot for trees taller than 8 ft. It takes some time to dry, so it’s best to order it a couple days before you would like to have your tree…. or you can choose from some of our pre-flocked trees.
Only at our location on 6020 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles.

We’ll remove your tree and bring it to the recycling centers after season. Price starts at $40.